Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bullitt Center infrastructure savings report

One more story to add to yesterday's link roundup: the Bullitt Center has published a report noting that the building may save over $18 million in infrastructure savings over the life of the building. Much of the savings, over $10 million, is based on energy efficiency.

Download the full report from

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September news roundup

Time for a news roundup -- recent links from around the web. Have something you want shared with SEAW? Send it our way.

Lessons learned on recent mass timber buildings around the world

Hans-Erik wrote an article on tall wood buildings in Arcade magazine (note: article is embargoed for non-subscribers until November 11)

FPInnovations is selling a handbook on Tall Wood buildings for Canada

The website for the ambitious USA Tall Wood Building competition is now active. The goal is to realize at least an 8 or 10 story commercially viable timber high rise in the USA.

Reuse and Preservation
Architectural Record discusses buildings that are not flexible or functional enough to last long.                                     

Preservation Green Lab (a project of The National Trust for Historic Preservation) finds that a mix of older and smaller buildings hold more economic and social vitality than new construction.

Preservation Green Lab begins a research series on building demolition and reuse with an article that uses Los Angeles as a case study for issues surrounding building reuse.

AIA is giving a series of classes on net zero building design

Building codes could harmonize seamlessly with LEED certification as USGBC, ASHRAE, and ICC join forces

A resilient city conference was held in San Francisco this September and discussed the Rebuild by Design competition sponsored by the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force

Oakland hires its first “Chief Resilience Officer”

The Cost of Retrofitting Multifamily for Resilience (to floods)

Kiewit General Manson issues their design-build team’s first annual report on the strategies they used to incorporate sustainability into the SR 520 design.